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What is Nursing Nidra?

Nursing Nidra incorporates some of the most profound tools that exist for integrating mind, body, and spirit. Nursing Nidra helps you to reduce the impact of stress and reverse burnout, so that you can feel better faster, no matter what your starting point. It blends some of the best of western science with that of the eastern practice known as yoga nidra. [Read More]


Karrie Brazaski 


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Karrie is a registered nurse who holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis on Strategic Change.  As an RN, Karrie worked in OB, ICU, and case management.  She’s a veteran nurse of 26 years, with 15 years as a nurse executive as both a Chief Operating Officer  & Chief Nursing Officer.

Karrie is now a transformational and stress reduction specialist. She is a certified Transformational Nutrition coach, where she focuses on true wellness and preventative health, empowering her clients with hope and healing.

Karrie has been happily married to the love of her life, James for 20 years. They have an amazing 12-year-old son who keeps them on their toes. Karrie and her family live in sunny Arizona.

Karrie believes, “Healthcare is at the end of your fork not in a pill bottle. You make it happen!”

profile photo Barbara

Barbara von Mettenheim


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Barbara holds a Ph.D. in English medieval literature. For over two decades, she has been on a journey of personal self-growth that has helped her to heal from past traumas and abuse. In that time, she healed her relationships, her self-image, healed from post-traumatic stress, and gained confidence. Barbara now helps clients liberate themselves from the effects of severe childhood abuse using the same methods she used to heal herself.

Before earning a Ph.D., Barbara was a homeless alcoholic. Her decision to get well led her to become a highly educated woman who successfully raised a beautiful daughter and built a six-figure career. Barbara is also the proud grandmother of two wonderful grandchildren that bring her much joy. Barbara makes her home in the Washington, DC beltway area.

Barbara’s favorite quote is; “What you focus on gets stronger, so choose your focus wisely.”

Check out Barbara’s book “Repairing the Cracks with Gold” on Amazon. 

How would your life change if you were to take complete responsibility for all your actions and reactions? Your life is a creation of your own thoughts and energy, so within you lies the power to change your life … and the steps to do that are within the pages of this book. Check out her book here!

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